Monday Inspiration: Everyday Is A Fashion Show

every day is a fashion show

Monday Inspiration

if you wear the things you adore you just look better

Monday Inspiration

nothing makes a women so old

Monday Inspiration: Shoes

a woman with good shoes is never ugly

Monday Inspiration: Elegance

elegance - ellie saab

Monday Inspiration

clothers aren't going to change the world

Monday Inspiration

the most beautiful make up is passion

Monday Inspiration: Money & Style

money can buy fashion but can't buy style

Favourites from Spring 2015 Couture Collections

featuredCouture collections are always my favourites. It is fascinating to look at luxury fashion craftsmanship – handmade garments created with the highest-quality fabrics. I always wait with anticipation to see the most beautiful clothing that can be envisioned and made in any time.  Continue reading