Wearing Baroque Print











Photos by http://www.joliphotography.co.uk

Reminiscent of vintage Versace, baroque print is back on the fashion agenda. For a while I wasn’t very keen on wearing prints as I felt it sometimes might be too intense and overpowering for my taste. But eventually I fell in love with a luxurious feel of baroque print. It is definitely more interesting than minimalist trend. So I am introducing more and more prints to my wardrobe.

The dress I am wearing is the one I keep choosing when I am going out for drinks or dinner. The print and the cut  emphasize femininity in an utterly flattering way. It’s such an effortless way to look feminine and glamorous. I usually pair this dress with baroque earrings, my all time favourite over-the-knee-boots and fringe clutch bag to make the outfit more trendy.


Dress: Traffic People
Over-the-knee-boots: Aldo
Fringe clutch bag: Topshop

Thank you very much for reading!

4 thoughts on “Wearing Baroque Print

  1. Nice! I would have looked at that on the rail and said ‘Nope’ but it looks great on you, perhaps I should reconsider………. 🙂

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