Detective Look

2015 01a Evelina-17v1

2015 01a Evelina-1v1

2015 01a Evelina-12

2015 01a Evelina-28

2015 01a Evelina-15

2015 01a Evelina-23

2015 01a Evelina-34

 Photos by Martyn Leung

 This season I absolutely fell in love with an eye-catching houndstooth print. I just simple can’t get enough of it, there so many different version of the print so I keep expanding my collection – dress, scarfs, coats (I was wearing one here) and even tights. I don’t really like wearing all black this winter so for me the black houndstooth pattern is a great alternative. It still goes with everything in your wardrobe but is more eye-catching.

Another obsession of mine this season is hats (as you can see here and here) but the one I am wearing in this post is absolutely my favourite. I love how it creates a very mysterious a la detective look.

The coat is already eye-catching but I wanted to create even a bolder look. So I paired it with black accessories to emphasise  a black & white combination. It is hard to get tired of the simplicity of white and black. This combo holds a lot of power – it is easy to create and it packs such a punch. Fedora hat and driver gloves adds a touch of masculinity to the look which I balance with elegant over-the-knee-boots. It’s a perfect outfit for the days when you want to radiate power and make a statement.


Coat: Esprit
Hat: Catarzi
Gloves: Mango (old)
Boots: Aldo (old)

Thank you so much reading!

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