Winter Favourites: Fur Waistcoat and Over the Knee Boots

fur waistcoat

fur waistcoat

fur waistcoat

winter waistcoat

fur waistcoat

Photos by Richard Campbell 

When the weather is getting colder and colder it is becoming hard to stay warm and also stylish. This time I want to share my winter favourites which keep me warm enough and still make me feel trendy.
One of my favourites is a fur waistcoat, as I have already mentioned a few times before fur is bigger than ever this season. So a fur accessory or a garment is one of must to have this winter. The fur waistcoat can be very versatile and can add a lot of chic to your daily outfit. You can wear it underneath your coat or you can make it the main focus of your outfit by wearing it on the top of your jacket. It will not only keep you warm but will also update your look.
My other favourite this season as you can probably see from my previous posts is over the knee boots. They keep you warm, stylish and create the illusion of never-ending legs.
The fur waistcoat and over the knee boots can be combined with almost any clothes to create very different looks.

Waistcoat: Vintage
Jacket: Zara
Shoes: Aldo
Jeans: Zara
Bag: Zara

Thank you very much for reading!

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