Trend of the Week: Animal Themed Jewellery

Hi Everyone!

I am pleased to introduce a new weekly column – fashion illustrations. Posts under this heading will comprise of a detailed look at accessories or certain elements of past outfits which are trending at the moment. Look out for tips and tricks to inspire an update of your own look.


Illustration by: Alina

The inaugural piece that I have chosen is the zebra ring, which I feel is a great example of this season’s animal-themed trend which hit the fashion scene in spring of 2013 and which is still thriving and evolving. There is a wide range of options to choose from, varying from the delicate to the ornate. Animals are taking over every type of jewelry—rings, earrings, and necklaces. Almost all fashion houses address their jewellery collections to the animal world topic. Even brands which built reputation on classical jewelry with precious stones, produce animal themed jewellery too.

Cartier was the first luxury jewellery house which started to produce the exotic spots of a panther on its watch brands. Now their panther is more than a mere symbol Cartier. It is a timeless icon which is both predatory and elegant and has made a mark on the world of jewellery.

Panthere de Cartier

 N6035315_0_cartier_bracelets   B4096800_0_cartier_rings B4081400_0_cartier_rings

B8044700_0_cartier_earrings    N8504200_0_cartier_Earrings_0    HP600307_0_cartier_bracelets

Boucheron is famous for creating gorgeous and memorable collections of animals which are high end jewellery master pieces.

Boucheron’s Collection of Animals

zebra-ring-jrg0173452tortue-tiger-s-eye-ring-jrg01822   64_Boucheron_Animal_Jewelry_1

Roberto Coin was one of the first designers who translated the fashion world’s love of animal prints into jewellery. The Italian jewelry house is well-known for its extraordinary collections of animal interpretation jewellery.

Roberto Coin’s Animalier Collection

bracciale-scorpion-oro-rosa02  anello-nemo-oro-bianco-smaltobracciale-snake-oro-rosa-diamanti-brown02

These beautiful jewellery creations were inspiration for high street brands and no everyone can find animal-themed jewellery without breaking a bank. Have a look at my picks.

ASOS Crocodile Cocktail Ring


Pieces Fanua Bug Drop Earrings


ASOS Snake Doorknocker Earrings


Tatty Devine Fox Brooch

image1xl (1)

River Island Panther Multi Jewelled Ring


River Island Tiger Chain Drop Earrings


Aldo Allegre Earrings


Aldo Frog Ring


Thank you for reading. Have a nice weekend!

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